“My daughter went from Shy to Tin man in 2 short years.  She loves Centre Stage because it makes learning so much fun.”

- Michelle Housley

 "Tom really enjoyed it and got into character. He said tonight that he'd like to be in a movie someday!! He loves coming to Centre Stage!! He can really be himself!! So proud of him!!!”

- Katie Parkes

“The Teachers are professional whilst being warm and genuine. They show great enthusiasm with all the students, and have an amazing talent to bring out the best in them. ”

- Anoushka Fish

“Wow, my kids just adore Centre stage!!! They love everything about Centre stage! They love singing, dancing, acting, expressing themselves, having fun, meeting their friends, not being judged....”

- Kirstie Pickerill


(loved it so much she is now teaching at Centre Stage)

Turned my shy little girl into Dorothy! My girls absolutely love Centre Stage and the fun and opportunity it gives them to express themselves.

- Di Tompkin

“Thanks again Kirstie and Linda. Sydnee was exhausted after doing her show, but said she had an "awesome" time”

- Tracy Galaud