Teaching young kids Musical Theatre. “Remember to find joy in the little things”

So, this morning after a crazy morning of just getting my own three children off to school, I had to sit down and take a moment. Why, because I was simply exhausted.

I had spent two days teaching children from 3yrs to 13yrs Musical Theatre classes and then I had to get my own kids off to school. (honestly, I was feeling a bit burnt out).

So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat out of my balcony, closed my eyes and listened to the “Silence”. All I could hear was the sweet gentle chirping of the birds – ah music to my ears. After all the noise and chaos of the pass few days I just needed a moment before getting stuck into my work for the day.

As I sat there quietly I reflected on the two days of teaching the kids at Centre Stage and immediately I started to smile. I thought about the little things that made me smile.

1. Telling the kids that some of the costumes had arrived, their little faces lit up with delight and excitement. Our Budding Stars Wednesday class got to try on their costumes and take them home and wow where they happy. The squeals of laughter, joy and excitement from 25 girls aged 7-9yrs was deafening. One little girl Miss C did not want to take her costume off and wanted to dance around in it all day. How pure and sweet. Of course, as Studio owner I was concerned of the dirt, food and stains.

But that moment was pure magic seeing Miss C and all her class mates so happy.

2. Later on, in our Starburst group, children age 10-14yrs where been challenged by tricky choreography. However, when I took a step back to see what they have achieved thus far, I am very proud of them. They are working super hard and are been challenged each week and yet none of them complain.

Honestly, I am super proud of these students

3. On Thursday during my Starlets class our 4-yr. old Miss A was lying on the floor swinging her arms and legs out and in, out and in. She had the biggest smile on her face. We were playing a drama game where these young children take us to an imaginary land. I asked her what she was doing. She looked at me as though I had no clue and said, “I am making snow angels in the fluffy white marshmallows”.

I Love to see our Centre Stagers keep their imagination alive

In our last class of the day I had a new student drop by. She was very shy and spent the whole class sitting with her mum. I approached her a few times, but she would not talk to me. Even after class I asked her questions, but she would not speak to me. I kept engaging in conversation. I told her that if she joined Centre stage she could be in our production of “Alice in Wonderland”. I mentioned that she would be a card in the Queen of hearts scene. Her eyes lit up. “My friend dressed up as the Queen of Hearts for book week. Off with you head! Off with your head!” She shouted.

Amazing she went to shy for 65mins to acting out the Queen of Hearts. I think Acting is her thing we just have to draw it out of her.

I was happy that I didn’t give up on her and kept trying to make a connection.

It is definitely the little things that students do at each and every class that brings joy to me & Kirstie. That’s why we do what we do.

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