At Centre Stage we are passionate about the performing arts and its positive impact on children.

We love to see our students come together forming new lasting friendships, have a real sense of belonging and feel very proud to be part of the Centre Stage family.


As children blossom & grow their positive energy and confidence will flow out into the wider community.


For us as teachers it is truely magical to watch their faces light up as they hear a new song to learn, when the accomplish the new steps of a dance or bring together all the elements of a play they have just created.


We encourage our students to use their imagination & creativity in our 'free style acting' section during each class.  It is amazing to watch their young minds at work as they put together a short piece by delving into their imagination and having fun.


This section of the class always blows us away.

Meet The Team

Linda Lynch

​I began performing at the tender age of 2.  I was trained by the most prestigious Irish performing arts teacher Billie Barry.  As part of the advanced theatre group I starred on RTE Irish National television and on Dublin's main theatre's the Gaiety and the Olympia.  I continued to perform until I got itchy feet and decided to travel the world. 


On returning to Ireland I became assistant choreographer at the Pamela Keeley Stage school.  It was here that I gained all of my teaching experience. We had up to 1000 students at the school.  Many students of ours also followed in our footsteps and were selected to perform on RTE Irish National Television and at the same theatres where we once had performed.


The ethos of Centre Stage is all about positive teaching and finding the hidden talent in every child.  Not all children have a natural ability to perform but with lots of encouragement they can do it.  We encourage the children to dance, sing, act, write songs, poems, speak publicly and simply tell a joke.  It is about building confidence in each individual child and having fun along the way.

Pamela  Keeley

As artistic and business advisor to Centre Stage Pamela draws on her wealth of experience in the performing arts industry.

Pamela has won many awards as a comedian in Ireland and worked professionally in Musical theatre, Pantomimes, cabaret, TV and Radio for many years.

Later on Pamela turned her hand to teaching and ran her highly successful PKSS Stage School for 15 years in Ireland with over 1000 students coming through it's doors.

Pamela now lives in London and is currently working with her creative team to produce and stage MEN the musical in Londons West End in 2019.

Kirstie Pickerill

Bio is currently being updated