Dates & Details


Monday 26th to Friday 30th of September


8.30am to 3.00pm (Free extended care until 5.00pm)


Peregian Springs State School (Sports Hall)

191 The Avenue, Peregian Springs, Qld 4573



Prep - Year 6

School Holiday Theatre Bootcamp

Does performing Inspire You ?

Does the thought of acting, singing or dancing in front of an audience send shivers down your spine, especially if you have never done it before? Then Centre Stage Holiday Programs are for you.


Centre Stage Holiday Program offers young children (7+ yrs) the chance to act, sing and dance in a show, which is rehearsed and peformed in front of family and friends in just a few days.


You will arrive on the Monday morning with heaps of energy ready to meet other people just like you.  After our introduction we will dive right in and learn new songs, dances and scripts.  Each child will be given a chance to put themselves forward for a part.  


It will be heaps of fun, very energetic and creative.

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