Frequently asked questions


1. What should my child wear/bring to their first class?

Your child should wear casual comfortable clothing, preferably shorts & t-shirt or leggings & t-shirt.  It is important they wear closed in shoes, no sandals or heels.  And bring a bottle of water.


2. What should I tell my child to expect from the first class?

Tell your child that at Centre Stage we do a variety of things.  We start with a basic warm up, then we will do some singing, dancing & acting.  It is important that children know that it is a musical theatre class and we like to mix things up.


3. My child is very shy can I sit in on the first class?

Although we prefer parents to sit outside the room as it can be more unsettling for the class.  We understand that in certain circumstances children need to have their parents there for support. So we allow parents to sit in on a few classes should the need arise and we can slowly transition to having no parents in the room.  Each child is different and we can deal with it on an individual basis.  If a child is really struggling, we can allow the parent to actually join in the class with them until the child feels more at ease.


4. My child is a great singer, but hates dancing can he/she sit out of this section of the class?

Our programs are Musical Theatre based so all children must participate in each section of the class.  What they might not like at the beginning they can soon grow to love.  It is important to explain this to your child upon starting so they are clear in our expectations of them.


5. My child doesn’t know anyone she/he might be a bit scared on the first day

We will buddy your child up with another friendly student that can help them and better settle your child in.


6. Do you run an all boy’s class?

We do not as the majority of musicals have both male and female performers in them.  We believe it is best for all performers to work together from an early age.


7. How long is each class?

Our starlets program for Kindy to Year 1 is a 30min class and our Budding Stars & Starbursts program for Year 2 to Year 6 is 60mins.


8. My child has performed from a very early age and is extremely talented can he/she go straight into the Starbursts class?

All children will join Centres Stage into their age appropriate class. Our teachers will assess your child and will make a recommendation for your child to move up to the Starbursts program should they think it is more suitable.


9. Where are your classes located?

Wednesday classes are at the Peregian Springs State School, Sports Hall, 191 the Avenue, Peregian Springs.

Thursday classes are at the Peregian Beach Community House, 255 David Low Way, Peregian Beach.


10. Does my child need to attend the Peregian Springs State School in order to attend the Wednesday classes?

No your child does not need to attend Peregian Springs State School.  Our classes are open to everyone.


11. Do you offer a FREE TRIAL CLASS?

Yes, we do.  It is important for your child to come along and have a go to see if Centre Stage meets their expectations.


12. Do you do regular performances?

Yes, we do an annual performance at the end of the year.  We also allow parents/friends to attend our end of term viewing so you can look to see what the children have been learning throughout each term.  It gives the children a goal to work towards and is a great opportunity for them to perform in front of a live audience, allowing them to grow in confidence.


13. How long is each term?

We run terms according to the State School terms.  Usually 10 or 11 weeks each term.


14. Do you run workshops?

Yes, we do run workshops, generally over the school holidays.  Keep an eye out on Facebook and our website for more information.